The Year of the Mash-Up

From Glee to tonight’s Grammy Awards, I deem this year: The Year of the Mash-Up.

Ahh, the (sometimes) genius of a great mash-up song–but I am hoping this year, my life will become a mash-up of sorts. I’m in need of massive change. I’m itching in my skin, bored with the routine and the recreation of the routine to shake up the previous one. I don’t care if there is a mash-up leading to a new job (which I’m really hoping for), or a mash-up in my romantic life (which I’m also hoping for)–I just need a mash-up of sorts, damn it!

In other news, I’m sitting here smiling to myself about my witty naming pop cultural year. I’d love to be a pop culture writer. Sigh.


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