Notes from a cold mind

I’m to the point in my cold/flu where I feel like I could burst out in the frusturated tears at any moment (which is what I did when I got home from work–I wrote this earlier today). It always comes to this feeling for me. I get tired of  my back and upper rib cage muscles aching from coughing, my nose feeling dry and red, of applying lip balm every 20 minutes, of my eyes feel hollowed out, and I just want to be sleeping in bed. I don’t feel like being at work, but felt the need to come in today because the boss is back and I’m not sick enough to be home any more. Unlike many, I worked most of the last couple of weeks, so unlike many, I’m actually caught up on work. Also, at this point a monkey could do my job if said monkey could type emails and communicate to the press. All day my eyes have been drawn to articles on the net with headlines like “5 Antidotes for Job Burnout” or “Where the Jobs Will Be This Decade.” What I’ve learned today is that 49% of Americans are depressed and unhappy at thier jobs. So at least I’m not alone. I’m afraid of turning into one of those bloggers who only turns to writing to bitch and whine. Like the girls I used to like reading– their adventures in dating, friends, work and life, only to discover all they did was complain in a plethora of cutesy ways. Truth is, that may be me some days so suck it.


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