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Good Saturday

I needed a good Saturday. A day where I had no obligations, a day of relaxation.

I woke up early as usual, unable to sleep past 8:30 no matter what time I go to bed. I watched 3 episodes of Friday Night Lights, which despite the fact that I dislike football, turns out to be a really good show. I needed a new TV on DVD show to watch and FNL is readily available on the Roku box (once again, Netflix conquers). I need a show with a great characters, a fair amount of drama, and though it is football, some action. I’m happy I gave it a chance and look forward to this new addiction.

Then I watched a rom-com called The Neighbor, though Matthew Modine kind of creeps me out, it was cute. The perfect light Saturday afternoon flick. I then finally roused myself up out of bed, put on some Rachel Yamagata, and got cleaning. It was time to do the deep cleaning instead of my usual Lysol wipe. I got the mildew remover, bleach, vacuum, dusting supplies, and the like. My apartment is so much more bearable clean. Next I have to tackle the stuff. I live in a studio and am starting to feel suffocated by stuff. I have 2 bags of books and one bag of clothes in my trunk to donate, but easily feel I could rid of more.

Then I showered, sat in my robe watching my 4 o’clock PBS Saturday ritual of Everday Food and Check Please!. I usually follow that up with my  guilty pleasure– TMZ, but decided instead to run to the store to get laundry detergent and applesauce so I could do laundry and  make the best healthy banana bread muffins (which I adapted to add chi spiced pecans and chocolate chips). Now I just had dinner–veggie and tofu stir fry–and am anxiously awaiting being done with laundry as I’m tired from going in and out of my apartment every 30 minutes since only washer is working in the building making 3 loads of laundry a challenge.

Law & Order is on in the background–maybe I’ll watch a movie with Him later, or maybe I’ll stick to my clean pad tonight reading magazines. I feel good I accomplished a lot today and still managed to relax. To me, that makes a good Satruday.


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Forever Young

Over lunch today I browsed my favorite independent bookstore and came across this beautifully illustrated children’s book. I had to stop myself, as I always have to when I see a cool children’s book, from buying it for my future baby. So I did the next best thing: bookmarked it on Amazon. Which I’m so happy I did because I discovered this:

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Television Magic

I have been enjoying His cable United States of Tara, the History Channels History of Sex, a marijuana documentary where they splice together Hippies Goofiest Moments to show the effects or as we said in unison last night: people actually acting happy. If I had cable I’d constantly be flipping between Comedy Central, E!, Food Network, Lifetime, and the History Channel. I’ve lived with out cable for so long now-I often say PBS is my cable-but when I have a cable remote in hand I’m an addict. I’ve considered ordering it, but am cheap, so I will still live in this primitive Two and Half Men rerun world. 

I watched the Brady Bunch this morning, it was the classic Greg caught smoking episode. Like the marijuana documentary, it was hilarious in that mid-60s way as Jan kept stressing the word smoking. “…and Greg was smoking.” That was funny enough to make my morning but then this scene took place and instead of laughing I was disturbed. See for yourself:

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