Free Friday Anxiety

The nonprofit that I work at has decided to not to operate on Fridays. The building will be closed. However, that means we have to cram a full week of work into 4 days. Yes, our salary’s stay the same, though we are currently in pay freeze and our employers no longer contribute to our 401k, and the word “bonus” is a joke in the nonprofit industry. Our institution has been going though lots of changes, and for the most part I’ve accepted them. I feel like “free Fridays” should make me happy but it doesn’t. I worry about the longer hours, the pressure of work not getting done, where this closing one day a week will eventually lead. I worry my staff won’t make the next round of budget cuts, I may not either. I worry about having an extra day to the weekend. Though it helps having a weekday when it comes to making doctor’s appointments, picking up dry cleaning, calling tech help lines, or hopefully job interviews.

I guess I’m worried about the extra day because I’ve been feeling so bored lately. I’ve been thinking about taking a class, finding volunteer work, and looking for a new job after the new year. I’m just worried I’ll spend Fridays staying in bed all day watching Netflix or daytime TV court shows. I do spend time on the weekends with friends or family, but there are plenty of nights when I hang out alone when my friends are out with their spouses or significant others. I’m wondering if I could get a part time job. Maybe make some extra money–I curse myself that I never learned how to waitress. I’d love to find a freelance editing or writing job or maybe take a web design class. Maybe I’ve been looking at this glass half empty, maybe this is just what I need to begin something new.


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  1. mikewalzman

    That’s definitely a great way to see it, when things are looking bad, seeing what I positive message I can get from it, helps switch my mood. I know that’s so cliche, but I guess it’s true or people would use it a lot. Wish you th best!

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