30 While 30

These are the 3 books I’m taking with me on my solo road trip: Swim Naked, Defy Gravity & 99 Other Essential Things to Accomplish Before Turning 30, The Late Bloomer’s Revolution, and How Now: 100 ways to celebrate the present moment. I was just about to pack them in my bag, when I realized they scream QUARTER LIFE CRISIS or maybe that was DEALING WITH HEARTACHE or maybe it was a singsongy CRAZY, or maybe it was an index finger and thumb shaped “L” on the forehead with John Travolta’s wife in Jerry Maguire saying LOSER in her malicious drawn out way that changed the connotation to the word as it was had changed once again from the word being cool thanks to the musical genius Beck.

You still with me? May I ask you why?

Since I blog for myself anyhow I’ll continue.

Strolling through Target yesterday on my 30th birthday I found the Late Bloomer’s book. I knew after reading the first sentence on the back cover I had to buy it to read on my trip. “Amy Cohen imagined that by age thirty she would be juggling a thriving career, a devoted English husband, and two adorable children with shag haircuts.” I knew had to read the memoir of a fellow late bloomer to cheer me up. I’ll write about it if it does (goal 1 for 30th year of life: blog more).

Jo gave me How Now as a gift. I’ve been working on mindfulness, or actually, have been meaning to working on mindfulness for years. What better reading while tucked in a robe at a day spa?

Swim Naked came to me tonight from my neighbor Carrie. I mentioned it was birthday yesterday and while a year late I hope to spawn some ideas from my self-fulling prophecy: 30 While 30.

Mission 1: Vacation by Thyself. Tomorrow I’m off to Milwaukee. At a safe hour and half from home, I’ll stroll the Milwaukee Art Museum by day, and live it up in a 4 star hotel at night (thank you Priceline). Wednesday I’ll go to a famous spa, get massaged, drain my pores in a steam room, envelop myself in a Jacuzzi, swim in a cool pool…I deserve this. (Repeat 5 times). 

I want to hike by the lake and capture the golden leaves in a state park. I want to challenge myself to get a drink at a hotel bar. I want to prove to myself that I am strong enough to travel alone, and have a great time doing so. I know it may sound like a small mission, but it’s a big one for me, and I’m excited about it. Off to a good start.


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