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What Sucks About E-mail

is when you try to spell check your message and it accidently sends to the recruiter of an organization you really want to work for with errors. Then I try to get message back from the trash to fix and it deletes! I re-typed and sent again, but this time did not receive an automatic reply message. When applying for a communications that specifically is all about writing, it’s terrible to have spelling mistakes! Thanks spell check for turing “Your” into “You’re” and possibly costing me at least the respect of a cover letter read! Now I’ll be laughed at! Ridiculed! Tossed into the trash with a slight smirk! As if looking for a new job isn’t stressful enough, then you find something at an organization you can believe in, and poof, it’s gone. Yes, I’m being dramatic, but damn, technology can be such a bitch.


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