I Heart Books

 Every summer I look forward to the Printer’s Row Book Fair held in my wonderful city, Chicago. I sometimes wander through a bookstores for hours–knowing there are all these brilliant creations surrounding me inspires and brings me comfort. 

There are so many things to see: rare books, authors, maps and art prints, independent presses and booksellers. I love browsing the thousands and thousands of various subject matters, the brillance of the titles and cover art. The browning of pages–the early editions of Little Woman or The Wizard of Oz. Tables of books from independent publishers with titles like Awaken the Budda Within, Tofu Quick and Easy, or Radicals on Parade (Okay, I made that one up, but there was a table of books with radical related books).

I got nostaligic seeing the Nancy Drew mysteries–it brought back the bookcase in the hallway of the green farm house where I grew up that were filled with children’s books. I wish we hadn’t sold them at a garage sale. If I had a daughter (or a bigger bank account) I would have picked these up with out second thought.

A highlight of the day was seeing Stephanie Klein and Jen Lancaster speak on a panel I beleive titled Through Thick and Thin. In person they are both so beautiful, gracious and funny. They are both very inspiring and I appreicate that these incrdible ladies share their voice with so many women who struggle with weight issues and well, just being a woman. 

Ah, the love of the written word is like no other.



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