The Storm Inside

Outside the lightening was glowing in the sky and rain was coming down hard, slightly blowing through the screen in the window. Inside tears were flowing freely onto the pillowcase while I lay on my side while his hand grazed my back. It’s okay, let it all out. I had been feeling the same way about us-conflicted-cognizant of the missing piece of chemistry-enjoying our time together as friends and when it turned more. Don’t be sad. Even though I knew it was never long term, that we want different things, that eventually we would have to have the talk of truths, I wasn’t emotionally prepared. We admire and care about each other so much. There were plenty of genuine and sweet moments. You are one of the greatest girls I have ever met. You’ve become such a good friend and I want to know what you’re doing four, five years down the road.  I’m tired of being alone so I always try to make too much out of something even if “it” is lacking. He held me for a while longer, we embraced by the door, and then it was quiet. 


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