The Next Best Thing

I never watched concert videos before Him. I love going to concerts–the energetic vibe that infuses through the pores and into the blood stream right to the heart so your emotions and brain waves are one with the melodies. I miss that rush that only live music can bring. So I never rented concert dvds. I never thought it could be the same–and it’s not, but it invokes those emotions and maybe on a cold Spring night it’s the next best thing.

U2 Rattle and Hum is having that effect on me right now. I’ve heard the sound track. I’ve always loved the gospel version of Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For–after seeing it in the movie I love it even more. I never knew it was recorded in a real church. I always imagined it performed in some sort of outdoor amphitheater with a spot lights on the a white robed gospel choir. I was putting away laundry and had to stop in the middle of the room and watch. A smile grew wider as I realized what magic I was watching transforming in front of eyes.

The aesthetics of this film are amazing. The black and white interview footage and the bursts of color when U2 is performing in front of crowds of thousands around cities in the U.S.

God I miss early U2. They were genuinely soulful and passionate. They were young and strong.

I’m all for bands and musicians experimenting with sound–Wilco and Beck keep getting better and better, but U2–Vertigo begs mid-life crisis alterna-pop. It’s like nails on a chalk board, I get anxiety just thinking about that damn chorus. But I digress–early U2 is fucking amazing. It’s just that simple.



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