Sweetness of it all

“So, did you get your shoes?” Lucia asked me yesterday morning. I pulled her into an empty office by the elbow. “Nope. They’re still at his place. We talked last night for a bit, but we stayed in our respective beds.” Sunday night we were hanging out at his place. It started out innocent enough. We’d done this before–sat around talking about music watching concert DVD’s or TV. Then I moved out of the chair and sat next to him on the couch to show him photos off my lap top. Next thing I know there was snuggling. There was snogging. There was massaging. There was relief. He confessed he’s liked me for a long time–even remembers seeing me in the building for the first time almost 4 years ago. He checked out my ass as I cursed and bent over to pick up the dropped keys. I was taken aback with hearing I had been admired from afar (yet steps away). Intimate whispers and kisses lasted most of the night. My heart is swollen with the sweetness of it all. 


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