Wake Up America

img_0128.jpg Nephew and I found this notecard a couple of weeks ago at laying on the check out counter in Target. (Click on Flicker link to read.) We’re in the thick of the political season and I wonder about the person who left it behind. Are there other cards out there waiting to be found. Is it meant to spark a discussion? Do they want to be heard? Do they have a mental illness? Is it ironic they left it a Target?I once in high school photocopied a quiz out of Sassy magazine called “Are You a Poser?” and hung it all over school. The grunge movement was just beginning and my first few months of freshman I was ridiculed for wearing Converse All Stars, flowy flower skirts, T-shirts and flannels. By Spring everyone was wearing Converse in an array of colors. Flannels were all the rage. I was fed up with the girls in my school. I wanted to spark something in people (and I was a bit of a punk) and make them think about where their taste comes from, their friends or them self? It sparked an article in the school paper and maybe an editorial or two. I’m not sure I ever told anyone I did it. My mom loves to talk about the state of America. It’s politics, economy, people. Maybe this person needed to vent and share their feelings with the world. Or at least a Target customer or two.  


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