Drawing the Line

Loving someone and wanting the best for them vs. loving someone and wanting the best for me.Sister is trying to bribe me with a free trip to Mexico to visit the Nephew’s deadbeat dad who hasn’t seen him, or hardly tried to contact him for the last 8 years. Not to mention Sister has never seen a dime from this man, but has sent him thousand’s of dollars in “loans” over the years. Brother wants to start his own business and wants $50,000 start up cash. Dad, who drove his own business go down the tubes wants to support brother by cashing in his IRA’s, and/or selling joint stock that he, Brother and I all share,  ironically, and unfortunately under my social security number.I want to be supportive of all three, but can’t.I told Sister that in 2 years Nephew will be 18, and if he wants to visit his dad then he can, but I will not go because I cannot support it.I told Dad not to dip into his IRA’s and we’ll research on how to sell Brother’s share of stock with out it completely fucking me over when tax time rolls around.I told Brother he needed to do more research on how to open a small business, figure out the additonal expenses, and to think about signing a contract with possible business partner.  I want every member of my family to live long and prosper-it’s difficult to draw the line when someone is seeking my support. It makes me anxious and wonder if I maybe I am I’m being overly judgmental.  I wonder if they understand my openness, frankness, as an expression of caring and concern.  I wonder if I am drawing the line too soon.   


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